Once Upon A Bohri

Loosing My Religion – Part 3

An Education Jan of 2019, maula visits Bangalore. The very first ziyafat was held at my father-in-laws place. My father-in-law is a pious, wealthy and extremely generous person. Revered by everyone in the community and personally known to maula. I had the fortune of being in the ziyafat from start to end. The whole event […]

Loosing My Religion – Part 2

Confusion Soon after I got married, my mum did araz to maula for a child. My mum was given a name. Now, to be given a name by maula, is not just a suggestion of nomenclature, but a rather serious prophecy from the all-knowing. It means God will give you a child, and this will […]

Loosing My Religion – Part 1

Quest For Knowledge In my late twenties during the peak of my religious fanaticism, and on the quest to quench those burning questions of life with the true answers, available only in the esoteric books of Haqikat and Taaveel, I started attending many sabaqs taught by the Bohra clerics, eventually culminating in those that claimed […]

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