Once Upon A Bohri

Day: September 9, 2019

Loosing My Religion – Part 3

An Education Jan of 2019, maula visits Bangalore. The very first ziyafat was held at my father-in-laws place. My father-in-law is a pious, wealthy and extremely generous person. Revered by everyone in the community and personally known to maula. I had the fortune of being in the ziyafat from start to end. The whole event […]

Loosing My Religion – Part 2

Confusion Soon after I got married, my mum did araz to maula for a child. My mum was given a name. Now, to be given a name by maula, is not just a suggestion of nomenclature, but a rather serious prophecy from the all-knowing. It means God will give you a child, and this will […]

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